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The Core Management Ability of High - level Cadres in Enterprise Human Resources
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Enterprise management planning purpose is to make the enterprise human resources and other factors of production to achieve the best configuration, to digest the material resources, to realize value-adding and to make enterprises more competitive. Enterprise culture can make employees consciously maintain the enterprise interest or public interest who also play a role in the management system to accept and obey the management. 

Management is the lifeblood of a company operation and development. A company's development target and development path depend entirely on the company management decision makers. Gold-swallow management essence lies on constantly exploiting potentialities, people-oriented, caring, understanding, respecting, and unity of science and preciseness. In the company's daily operating, we advocate less talking and do more execution. We also encourage employees taking part in the discussion of the new policy implementation and the managing mode. 

The company's management is operating under all-round mode with decision-making, organizing, planning, commanding, controlling, and motivating.The company would make every employee show their talents and abilities in the organization system to the fit the position. We advocate employees to keep their own responsibility and to undertake the pressure. So we give them opportunity. Our company operation method is combining the functions of the departments rather than the use of individual rights. We chain together with coordination, unification, cohesion and distinct command. We also take responsibility, rights and the interests as a whole to define the position and the link between jobs, neither overlap, no blank, services to each other and restrict each other. The company uses the work-flow management procedures to control the influences by any factors and conditions change, just to reflect the good management environment.

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