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Construction and Reconstruction Format for Various of Air Purification Air Conditioning Workshop System 

According to the ISO14644 standard and existing national standard GB50073- 2013, a new version of GMP, GB19489-2008 and GB14925-2010 specification requirements, our company provides a variety of air purification plant and air-conditioning systems engineering design, manufacture, installation and debugging. 

Specific Include: 

• Construction of all sorts of purification grade, different area of the air conditioning purification workshop. 

• Construction of special requirements of BSL-3, ABSL-3, BSL-2 biological safety laboratory air conditioning purification system construction with fire and explosion-proof, noise elimination, sterilization, detoxification, odor eradication, anti-static and constant temperature and humidity. 

• Construction of central air conditioning room, cooling room and HVAC system matching with air purification system. 

• Construction of water supply & sewer system, different kinds of process pipelines and sewage sterilization system matching with purification construction. 

• Constructing automatic control system, access control and monitoring system and etc., which can match air purification system.

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