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JY series purify air conditioning unit

上市日期: 2017-05-17

JY series purify air conditioning unit



JY series detailed function

1 Beginning effect of the new return air


11 Fan section

2New air return section

12 Fan mixed section

Mixed section

13 Fan top Wind out section

Middle section

14 Fan wind out sectio

Cooling coil water section

15 Average flow section

Steam heating section

16 Muffler section

Electric heating section

17 Cooling coil water section

Dry steam humidification section

18 Wind out section

Middle effect wind out section

19 Cooling coil heating section              

10 Electric humidification section

All functions and specifications mentioned above capacity according to user requirements, design, producing, supply and installation.


       JY series air conditioner unit is suitable for all kinds of purifying air conditioning engineering and general air conditioning engineering. JY purify air conditioning unit series adopt bridge heating insulation aluminum alloy frame , poly resin high pressure foaming metal clad plate  for housing, and selects the high quality table cooler, heater, humidifier, blower and aluminum alloy water retaining plate and air filter which can be assemble segmented or on site.      

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