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ZK SERIES OF THE MEDIUM EFFECT AIR FILTER        ZK series medium effect filters can be used at NPT, normal humidity, trace acid , alkali and organic solvent contained air purification project. As pre-filter of high efficiency air filter, it can reduce the load of high efficiency air filter to prolong its life.        The specifications and technical parametersTypeDimension Rated airflow(m³/h)Initialresistance(pa)Efficiency(%)GradeprotectivescreeningFilterMediaFramematerialEN779Panel-style 495×495×462200≤ 110   90F8Plastic wire orgalvanizedwireNONWOVENfabricAluminum alloy,galvanized sheet,stainless steelA×B×H(mm)595×595×463200Bag-style495×495×500450059...
SEAL LEAKAGE TYPE STAINLESS STEEL TRANSFER WINDOW        used for high-level biosafety laboratory        PATENT NO. ZL2014 2 0224641.0        All around ultraviolet radiation sterilization with double sealing rings seal, on-site verification on the second door tightness,effectively avoid untight seal leakage of the clean air pollution tothe negative pressure clean laboratory.
JY SERIES OF VAV BOXES  JY VAV box series is composed of low noise double suction centrifugal fan, fan dedicated invert module, early efficient filter, heat preservation box and etc. The product is suitable for air conditioning system of industrial production, civil construction, business, entertainment, education and health sectors. The advantages of the product are small volume, light weight, low noise, simple operation, convenient maintenance which canrealize air volume step-less speed change.       Specifications and performance parametersAir volume(m³/h) Totalpressure(pa)Applicate fan        Applicate fanPower(kw)Noise(dB(A))TypeQtyJYF-1.6160016711-62N02.5YDFW10.2552JYF-2.0200021611-62N02.5Y...
PURIFICATION WORKBENCH        The specifications and performance parameters                             ParameterTypeCJ-1FCJ-2FCleanliness level                     100 grade≥0.5μm( American federal 209B)Average wind speed                      0.32 ~ 0.48m/sAverage clump count                      ≤...
GK SERIES OF HEPA FILTER        GK series of HEPA filter uses superfine glass fiber as raw material, offset paper as demarcation strip, and agglutinated with metal frame.This product has high filtering efficiency, low resistance and large dust clogging capacity which widely used in various part clean equipment and workshop. It could also use for air purification under the condition of normal temperature and humidity.         The specifications and technical parameters  TypeDimension   (mm)Rated air   flow  (m³/h)Initial  resistance   (pa)Final resistance(pa) Efficiency  (%) Dust clogging capacity(g)Weight(kg)      ...
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