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JY series purify air conditioning unit  JY series detailed function1 Beginning effect of the new return air section11 Fan section2New air return section12 Fan mixed section3 Mixed section13 Fan top Wind out section4 Middle section14 Fan wind out sectio5 Cooling coil water section15 Average flow section6 Steam heating section16 Muffler section7 Electric heating section17 Cooling coil water section8 Dry steam humidification section18 Wind out section9 Middle effect wind out section19 Cooling coil heating section               10 Electric humidification sectionAll functions and specifications mentioned above capacity according to ...
JY SERIES OF VAV BOXES  JY VAV box series is composed of low noise double suction centrifugal fan, fan dedicated invert module, early efficient filter, heat preservation box and etc. The product is suitable for air conditioning system of industrial production, civil construction, business, entertainment, education and health sectors. The advantages of the product are small volume, light weight, low noise, simple operation, convenient maintenance which canrealize air volume step-less speed change.       Specifications and performance parametersAir volume(m³/h) Totalpressure(pa)Applicate fan        Applicate fanPower(kw)Noise(dB(A))TypeQtyJYF-1.6160016711-62N02.5YDFW10.2552JYF-2.0200021611-62N02.5Y...
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